Here is a federal report that is very reveling. It shows the “Total Assets” of the top “25 banks” as of June 30th 2010, page 24 of the report “TABLE 1” column 4 =  $7.765 trillion (table in millions of dollars). With all banks the figure was $10.469 trillion.

I note that just between JP Morgan CHASE and Bank of America the total was a little over: $3. trillion. Additionally, under derivatives held column 5, JP Morgan CHASE was holding $75.2 trillion. The third quarter 2008 report of the same had them holding $90 trillion.

The news over the last two days of: “JP Morgan looses 2-billion in six-weeks on their derivative trading is a “suckers trap”. A loss of 2-billion for JP Morgan Chase is like Bill Gates dropping a penny.

What they and their bought and paid for media talking heads are doing after CHASE’s consolidation of the wealth taken over the last four-years is creating a scare “intentionally” to get holders to bail so they can buy back their own stock, consolidating their own ownership… Give it a week or two and then after a quick spike down, watch their stock break new highs over the following month as they take in all players in the outside loop who were suckered into offering up their holdings in their company.