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The People Spoke and CAFR1 Listened
by Walter Burien

Well, the People Spoke and CAFR1 listened and followed their recommendations..The three minute trailer that CAFR1 released for “The Only Game in Town – The Way Our Government Can Be” I was told by many was to short and not adequate to get the point across. So, today I released a new trailer on YouTube that can be viewed at the following link:
I have also updated the CAFR1 front page with the same 10 minute trailer.Please share this with your email lists, friends and family. If you have a website or blog post the new trailer there also.

The feedback I have received on the new trailer is that it now hits the nail on the head and is more than adequate as a trailer to give the comprehension needed that will motivate the viewer to watch the complete documentary and also they will learn a great deal just from viewing the trailer itself….

If you have the 1st three-minute trailer release on your website or blog, please swap out with this ten-minute trailer.

If you wish to download the trailer directly from the CAFR1 site you can do so at the following link –

And may I make one suggestion? No “if” “and” or “buts,” any candidate for office should clearly run on and implement this platform to win. All candidates that refuse to mention “the process to eliminate taxation” and give the voters the silent treatment or obfuscate should not get one vote from the informed. This applies from the mayor of the smallest town to the President of the United States. It will be you that elects a thief perpetuating the status quo or in the alternative a true liberator. No excuses, here it is on a silver platter for all to use…

Thanks and here is wishing for a much brighter future for all of us and truly yours,

Walter Burien – CAFR1
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Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes.
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