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Here is a federal report that is very reveling. It shows the “Total Assets” of the top “25 banks” as of June 30th 2010, page 24 of the report “TABLE 1” column 4 =  $7.765 trillion (table in millions of dollars). With all banks the figure was $10.469 trillion.

I note that just between JP Morgan CHASE and Bank of America the total was a little over: $3. trillion. Additionally, under derivatives held column 5, JP Morgan CHASE was holding $75.2 trillion. The third quarter 2008 report of the same had them holding $90 trillion.

The news over the last two days of: “JP Morgan looses 2-billion in six-weeks on their derivative trading is a “suckers trap”. A loss of 2-billion for JP Morgan Chase is like Bill Gates dropping a penny.

What they and their bought and paid for media talking heads are doing after CHASE’s consolidation of the wealth taken over the last four-years is creating a scare “intentionally” to get holders to bail so they can buy back their own stock, consolidating their own ownership… Give it a week or two and then after a quick spike down, watch their stock break new highs over the following month as they take in all players in the outside loop who were suckered into offering up their holdings in their company.


Want answers?

Well then, here they are:

1. Collective government (local and federal) is the #1 investors in the majority of the mortgages. Government does so by being the #1 investor with the banks; mortgage institutions; mortgage security fund pools; etc. We are talking a few trillion-dollars in “collective” totals.

2. Since the bubble burst in 2008, the government investment funds have been creating specialty funds with names like:  “Residential Real-estate Opportunity Fund” ; “Residential Real-estate Rollover Fund” ; “Commercial Property Opportunity Fund” ; and so on, so on into ad-nauseous.   They have used these investment funds to take over residential and commercial property at pennies on the dollar (10c to 40c on the dollar).

Thousands if not hundreds-of-thousands of properties each year since 2008 which they can now sell at 80c on the dollar or lease / rent out to other parties. These specialty investment funds have been “very” profitable, of which creates the LARGEST conflict of interest per the judicial or administrative cooperating with the financial institutions to kick the late pay home owner out of their houses on to the streets. Boils down to nothing other than systematic theft in a symbiotic relationship to perpetuate theft-by-taking.

[ It is kind of like Foxes bringing a chicken rancher to court being that the rancher objected to the Foxes eating chickens from his coop, and the case will be decided by the fox’s extended family (the judges) to determine the only issue to be allowed at the table, with that being: if the rancher is to be fined; jailed; or forfeit his chicken coop to the Foxes. ]

3. It is part of the communist manifesto that all real property is to be owned by the state. The state has mover this along over the last forty-years with the first phase being the implementation of Property-Tax. Any party subject to property-tax is truly but a renter and not a true owner. If they do not pay their rent, their property will be stolen from them.

The housing market bubble burst at the end of 2008 was no accident. It was a staged take-over to the tune of trillions of dollars in less than two-months at the end of 2008. Derivatives were used to pull that one off and the profits were accomplished by and through government institutional accounts positioned “Globally”.

Since that time government institutional investment accounts and funds have focused on buying up the real property at 10cto 40c on the dollar. Trillions of dollars of property in collective totals:

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

To view a few of these new government institutional property take-over accounts, Google your local government state pension fund CAFR. The investments broken up into categories both domestic and international are easily seen there being that the pension funds are still required to list every investment held.

As an easy reference to view the New York State retirement fund or CALSTERS, they can be viewed at the following links –  and

4. In many local venues when property-tax was implemented, safeguards were put into place to keep the local government from seizing your property if you became six-months or one-year in the arrears. In most venues the local government was restricted from going after your property, and could do so if you became four-years in the arrears.

Local governments got around this time restriction by modifying how mortgages were written. The new mortgages make the lending institution responsible for collecting the property tax in with the monthly mortgage payment. Here if you do not pay the property tax and fall delinquent on your mortgage, the financial institution can in six months move for eviction and the courts put their stamp of approval on it.

The intent and motive for that quick stamp of approval is based on nothing other that self interest to perpetuate their own investment return and move a new body in who will stay current on paying the property-tax assessed.and mortgage payments that government through the back door owns by investment in the first place.

5. How do you get the full and complete cooperation of government on issues that are contrary to the public’s interest?

ANSWER: Give government the largest cut of the profit for doing so.

Again: TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

Walter Burien –

The People Spoke and CAFR1 Listened
by Walter Burien

Well, the People Spoke and CAFR1 listened and followed their recommendations..The three minute trailer that CAFR1 released for “The Only Game in Town – The Way Our Government Can Be” I was told by many was to short and not adequate to get the point across. So, today I released a new trailer on YouTube that can be viewed at the following link:
I have also updated the CAFR1 front page with the same 10 minute trailer.Please share this with your email lists, friends and family. If you have a website or blog post the new trailer there also.

The feedback I have received on the new trailer is that it now hits the nail on the head and is more than adequate as a trailer to give the comprehension needed that will motivate the viewer to watch the complete documentary and also they will learn a great deal just from viewing the trailer itself….

If you have the 1st three-minute trailer release on your website or blog, please swap out with this ten-minute trailer.

If you wish to download the trailer directly from the CAFR1 site you can do so at the following link –

And may I make one suggestion? No “if” “and” or “buts,” any candidate for office should clearly run on and implement this platform to win. All candidates that refuse to mention “the process to eliminate taxation” and give the voters the silent treatment or obfuscate should not get one vote from the informed. This applies from the mayor of the smallest town to the President of the United States. It will be you that elects a thief perpetuating the status quo or in the alternative a true liberator. No excuses, here it is on a silver platter for all to use…

Thanks and here is wishing for a much brighter future for all of us and truly yours,

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Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes.
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MTV’s – Micro Air Vehicle – ARCHIVED AT –

The government census has over the last year made a very big push to get GPS readings at your front door as many reading this are aware of.When they came to your house they did not ask “any” questions that a census taker would normally ask such as how many live here; where are you from; what is your name; how old are you; how many children, the only thing they were assigned to do was take a GPS reading at the entrance to your property and at your front door.I personally live way off the grid at this time. 14 miles out on dirt roads with my closest neighbor a 1/4 mile away and the next 5 miles away. I may see two or three cars a year out here a year from a venturesome explorer. But then three months ago there was an individual at my front gate taking a GPS reading. When he opened my gate to come inside I approached him. He said he was from the census, and he had his little census name tag clipped on his shirt.

Well, we chatted for a while, and as we did he walked over to my front door and took another GPS reading. Now I am getting a little suspicious and the red flags are triggering. He then started walking towards my other structures to take a GPS reading and at that point I told him: I did not mind him taking a GPS reading from my front gate but wanting to take a GPS reading from each entrance to each structure with him noting each structure on the reading and then a GPS reading of my fence area, and without asking “one” normal census question, I at that point told him to get off the property. He continued to try and take more GPS readings so I stood in front of him 10 inches from his face and said in a strong tone: “I guess you did not understand me, leave”

He then walked back to his SUV and left. Two days latter a woman came by and parked at my front gate. When I approached she tried to drive off but I intercepted her and said: “can I help you, are you lost?” She said she was a supervisor who worked for the census and she was checking the work of the person who was out there the day before and quickly drove off. I snapped a picture of her car as she sped away.

Well, to say the least, in all logic these occurrences were highly suspicious without “one” normal census question being asked and the only intent being the taking of specific GPS readings of entrances to structures. I checked with a few people who lived within seven miles of my location (there are about five) and they had the same experience so that alleviated my suspicion of sole targeting.

I had to ask myself WHY was the only interest being exact GPS readings at entrances to structures. My first thought was GPS satellite surveillance. My second thought was for ease of roundups of targeted populations if implemented.Both of those thought are probably correct.

This morning I happened to watch a video on MAV’s and a chill came over me as a 1 + 1 = 2 equation became very clear of the GPS readings taken and MAV application as a control tool over the population for many a different applications. Scary was a mild word that came to mind.

I strongly recommend that each and every one of you watch this short 4 minute US Air Force video – It is your government and tax dollars at work and the final intent for use may just be for each and every one of us. No paranoia, just 1 + 1 = 2 on real application. But then nothing to be concerned about, our government would not do this to US, now would they?

You see, under war circumstances they can get away with use and testing these types of things. Under peace conditions, it would never be allowed. Keep in mind the tiny flash cards of today can hold 40 gigs of data processing information so the capabilities of these MAV devices are here today.

Sent FYI from,

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Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes.
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 Ending Taxation – “The Only Game in Town” – 2011
The NEW CAFR1 Documentary – “First Cut” The Way Our government Can Be
Uploaded to CAFR1’s YouTube account 10/31/11


Truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

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PS: Make the investment wealth of government directly benefit the people and taxation be gone! TRF now!
Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!
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