Rate of Mortgage foreclosures?

Posted: March 31, 2012 in National News
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Want answers?

Well then, here they are:

1. Collective government (local and federal) is the #1 investors in the majority of the mortgages. Government does so by being the #1 investor with the banks; mortgage institutions; mortgage security fund pools; etc. We are talking a few trillion-dollars in “collective” totals.

2. Since the bubble burst in 2008, the government investment funds have been creating specialty funds with names like:  “Residential Real-estate Opportunity Fund” ; “Residential Real-estate Rollover Fund” ; “Commercial Property Opportunity Fund” ; and so on, so on into ad-nauseous.   They have used these investment funds to take over residential and commercial property at pennies on the dollar (10c to 40c on the dollar).

Thousands if not hundreds-of-thousands of properties each year since 2008 which they can now sell at 80c on the dollar or lease / rent out to other parties. These specialty investment funds have been “very” profitable, of which creates the LARGEST conflict of interest per the judicial or administrative cooperating with the financial institutions to kick the late pay home owner out of their houses on to the streets. Boils down to nothing other than systematic theft in a symbiotic relationship to perpetuate theft-by-taking.

[ It is kind of like Foxes bringing a chicken rancher to court being that the rancher objected to the Foxes eating chickens from his coop, and the case will be decided by the fox’s extended family (the judges) to determine the only issue to be allowed at the table, with that being: if the rancher is to be fined; jailed; or forfeit his chicken coop to the Foxes. ]

3. It is part of the communist manifesto that all real property is to be owned by the state. The state has mover this along over the last forty-years with the first phase being the implementation of Property-Tax. Any party subject to property-tax is truly but a renter and not a true owner. If they do not pay their rent, their property will be stolen from them.

The housing market bubble burst at the end of 2008 was no accident. It was a staged take-over to the tune of trillions of dollars in less than two-months at the end of 2008. Derivatives were used to pull that one off and the profits were accomplished by and through government institutional accounts positioned “Globally”.

Since that time government institutional investment accounts and funds have focused on buying up the real property at 10cto 40c on the dollar. Trillions of dollars of property in collective totals:

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

To view a few of these new government institutional property take-over accounts, Google your local government state pension fund CAFR. The investments broken up into categories both domestic and international are easily seen there being that the pension funds are still required to list every investment held.

As an easy reference to view the New York State retirement fund or CALSTERS, they can be viewed at the following links – http://cafr1.com/CALSTRS.html  and http://cafr1.com/NYSR.html

4. In many local venues when property-tax was implemented, safeguards were put into place to keep the local government from seizing your property if you became six-months or one-year in the arrears. In most venues the local government was restricted from going after your property, and could do so if you became four-years in the arrears.

Local governments got around this time restriction by modifying how mortgages were written. The new mortgages make the lending institution responsible for collecting the property tax in with the monthly mortgage payment. Here if you do not pay the property tax and fall delinquent on your mortgage, the financial institution can in six months move for eviction and the courts put their stamp of approval on it.

The intent and motive for that quick stamp of approval is based on nothing other that self interest to perpetuate their own investment return and move a new body in who will stay current on paying the property-tax assessed.and mortgage payments that government through the back door owns by investment in the first place.

5. How do you get the full and complete cooperation of government on issues that are contrary to the public’s interest?

ANSWER: Give government the largest cut of the profit for doing so.

Again: TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

Walter Burien – CAFR1.com

  1. There is no government, Walter. There hasn’t been a federal government since 1861 and there have been no state governments since 1933. All these things are corporations, nothing more or less. We have to stop thinking of them as governments or levels of government. They are corporations. They call their membership dues and service fees “taxes” and exert monopoly interests over geographical fiefdoms and we allow it, because we mistakenly think that we are dealing with a legitimate government. There is no mayor, no governor, no Congressman, no President, no valid Oaths of Office, no fiduciary responsibility, no Constitution.

    • cafr1 says:


      If you have an orange and call it a banana, pear, or grape, it is still an orange. If the word government was never used and they took on the name from the get-go: Federation of Flying Eagles, it is just a name.

      People are not dealing with: Government; Corporations; or the Federation of Flying Eagles. They are dealing with people who have used their positions to fulfill the “greed” and “opportunity” principle to enrich themselves at other people’s expense. The correct term the people are up against is a gang whether called under the term government or a corporation.

      The problem the people face is that over decades, the unethical have built their power-bases, made the money, and now call the shots. Most being elected attorneys so with those attorneys having dotted the “I’s” and crossed the “t’s” the public never stood an “Ice-Cubes chance in hell. It has been for them easier than taking candy from a baby as all are masterfully entertained with sound-bite distractions intentionally spoon fed the masses.

      The “good guys and gals” are pushed off into the corner to be ignored and the powerful (with much to loose) with the ability and burning ethics to possibly stop the financial theft depravity going on, if they attempt to do so, they are targeted for destruction by the “gang”. Very few Davids left standing after having been ganged up upon by the controlling gangs now-a-day.

      What does any of the people fear that are members of a gang or as an individual? ANSWER: Their ability to survive.

      So, focus should be on a win-win for “all” involved that satisfies everyone’s “greed” and “opportunity” wishes and not a one-sided structure of opportunistic theft. My suggestion to create that level and win-win playing field is and has been the TRF funds – http://TaxRetitement.com and it looks like two counties will be launching with the TRF management principle to eliminate all taxation in their venue towards the end of 2012.

      Watch the documentary the “Only Game in Town – 2011” for further information on the matter.

    • ngonea says:

      Anna von Reitz I love you!
      thank you

      there is an old Chinese proverb,

      ” The beginning of wisdom is when we call things by their right name”

  2. Chris says:

    Well we have the Blue Bloods plan of Pump, & Dump just more deeper now that it’s on a global scale. I’ll bet ole John Adams would rolling in his grave with awe, & maybe a little bit why i didn’t think of that ? Jefferson, & Franklin had to join in the end, just like the Democrats are doing now. The Bushes are really to be admired for their master mind of this game they play on the American People. Maybe that is why they bought land Uruguay . I don’t believe i could stomach being of the Bush Clan.

    • cafr1 says:


      Never did “admire” a bully, thief, or murderer. They are who they are being trained from the Get-go. Profit without ethics is the driving force they were trained under. Prescott Bush made a lot of his money backing both sides in WWII. The son’s just followed the father’s example and teachings, each applying new conquest games as time unfolded.

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  4. Walter,

    Perhaps you can clear something up for me.

    It is said that when banks loan money, that money is “created” at the inception of the loan. A bank does not need the reserves to make the loan, and just makes a “journal entry” in its records.

    How does this work?

    If the money is created, then isn’t the bank at a zero balance after it pays out the loan (creating a dollar and then loaning a dollar = $0.0)?

    If this is the case, is the interest and principle payments made be the person with the loan both profit for the bank, since the bank never loaned any of its own money?

    Is that money really created by the Federal Reserve?

    Or is that money coming from or is it being collateralized by these massive real estate investment funds you are referring to in this article?

    If this is the case, is the bank taking the principle payments made by the person with the loan and paying either the Fed or these investment funds back (the money creator), making the bank nothing more than an unnecessary middle-man?

    Are banks creating money, or are the people creating it though their loan contract?

    This has always confounded me. Hope you can answer…

    Your pal,


    • cafr1 says:

      People love to over-complicate a simple matter. What needs to be understood is:

      1. A currency (the dollar) is but a piece of paper with ink on it. It is a “bartering tool” to buy and sell hard assets.

      2. What backs up the “value” of the bartering tool is the investment “hard assets” owned by the investors who are backing up the issue of the bartering tool. My conservative estimate of US Local and Federal hard asset equity and real-estate “investments” held “globally” is about 110-trillion dollars. The intrinsic value of the land and structures on that land in the US is over 680-trillion dollars.

      3. In some countries in N. Africa, the warlords issued their own currency, used the productivity of the people, and converted the value of the people to tons of gold where the currency not backed by hard asset investments of the country went to nil (1-trillion what-ever to buy a loaf of bread) as the warlords converted the wealth not held in value by the currency but converted and then stashed away in tons of gold held for themselves.

      4. As is the case with the Federal Reserve (a private association with many member banks) they print the currency, the bartering tool. If they print less tightening the need in circulation to barter with, the value goes up. If they print an excess of the need in circulation to barter with, the value goes down.

      Keep in mind the currency has no value, it is the hard assets that you buy using the bartering tool that has the value. Over the last century Government utilized the printing of the bartering tool and collection of taxation TO ACQUIRE the hard assets bit by bit each year where they now own it all in one way or another (the majority of hard tangible assets) by investment. Your house if you have a mortgage on it, the bank holds the title in behalf of the investors with the bank. Who are the primary investors with the bank? Government collective institutional investment funds strategically managed from locations around the globe.

      It is a game of marbles: “He who ends up with all of the marbles at the end of the game wins the game” The problem though for the player is if he wins all of the marbles, all of the time, no one else will want to play marbles and then his massive stash of marbles becomes worthless.

      5. What the public did not realize, and were intentionally kept from realizing due to the massive money involved, was that government over the decades was taking it all over by investment (acquiring all of the marbles) a little bit more each and every year where come 2000, government now owned the cookie jar, the majority of the financial and industrial complex; primary real-estate; shopping malls; trucking companies, you name it, and did so one bite at a time over hundreds of thousands of investment funds held and established, large and small in collective totals over the decades. As of 2000 government was bringing in more gross income (investment; Tax; and Enterprise) than the gross income of the entire population of the US.

      In fact as of 2007 collective government’s gross income was greater than the GDP of this country. US AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT “COLLECTIVE” GROSS INCOME: 14.6T and GDP: 14.2T) This was possible due to the massive “International” holdings in China, Mexico, Soviet Block Countries, India, etc., etc., generating massive returns accentuating collective US and local Government’s total gross income. The population is trained not to look at the basics. Even if they do their are one roadblock after another of misdirection to keep them from looking at the basics of: Gross income and collective totals…

      The public never stood a chance when they entered this arena being that they were competing with government per who was going to get who’s wealth as a result of the ups and downs of the trading activity. Government inside players (people) to bypass the monopoly laws in place cleverly created many “Private Associations” (FR one of them) and backed them into creation and expansion whereby the private associations networked all of the tens of thousands of government entities as one creating the largest take-over conglomerate (of many thousands of members) to profit from organized world market plays; regulations enacted; and laws enforced or created. If you were on the inside track you became wealthy, on the outside you sat on the curbside licking your wounds.

      6. The general population has always been used, trained, managed, and controlled for tapping into their productivity value as a transfer of wealth from that productivity value is drained off to the controlling “gang”. This has been going on within organized structures for over 10,000-years. Goes back to the days of the Pharaohs. Never has been a good thing, never will be a good thing. Out of the three primary power groups, you have the government gang and the Financial / Industrial complex teamed up together to use the largest group, the population as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. The first two groups (gangs) have their greed and oppertunity drive fulfilled networking together as the third group, the population sits on the curbside licking their wounds barely grasping the intent and motives behind the first two groups. Taxation is a very interesting
      tool. It gives the ability for the government players to take-over the Financial / Industrial Complex by investment and in-act laws and trade policies to guarantee massive returns on their investments held.

      A. The trillion dollar bailouts? = Government keeping their investments (and book values) in-tact.

      B. Obama Health Care? = Limiting liability and funneling in trillions of taxpayer revenue into operations (insurance and healthcare companies)that government owns the majority of in collective totals and thus guaranteeing a massive return (transfer of wealth) on those investment holdings. Took a good attorney (Obama) and his underling gang of attorneys to draft that one up.

      C. NAFTA – GATT – etc.?? Guarantees a massive return on the Global holdings of US and Local government. Same goes for the current in motion legislation and administrative acts…

      D. Outsourcing business and work to cheap labor in foreign countries? Same, same as “C.” above.

      The scope and size of what has developed over the last 100-years has created the biggest monopoly the world has ever know and its name is “Collective Government” networked as one through private associations.

      So Clint, in answer to your comment, no matter in which fashion currency (money) is created (printing money out of thin air), it is done to provide the liquidity for the investor whom the “contract” repayment return is indirectly coming back to. It is indirectly an undisclosed tax being that government is the primary beneficiary by investment.

      They have been printing a lot of money over the last few years being there are a lot of “bargain-basement” investments out there for collective government to pick up at pennies on the dollar. The trillions of dollars in bail-out money printed was also to pull up from being in the red and keeping the collective government investments in the black.

      The inflation we are seeing now brings in greater profits on the same investments enhancing collective government’s investment book value. One aspect after another of wealth transfer without the population being any the wiser due to spoon-fed soundbite conditioning masterfully applied DUE TO THE MASSIVE MONEY used to acquire the HARD ASSETS involved for and in the behalf of one massive controlling monopoly know as Collective Government. Gorbachev saw the errors of his county’s ways a few decades back and switched to our government’s mode of operation.

      Russia tried to own it all openly and that had its draw-backs. The trick was to make the people believe they owned it all but in reality you did by investment, including the house the people lived in by being the investor over their mortgages. The banks are mere middle-men. The primary investors with the bank are the controlling party’s. “Golden Rule” He who owns the gold makes the rules, or as in this case: “He who owns the majority of the investment capitalization” makes the rules.

      I will say it again: The TFR levels the playing field as a Win-win for all involved. The population becomes the “First Line” beneficiary of the investment wealth held by collective government and taxation be gone. When done it will lead to a prosperous world economy for one-and-all.

      • Thanks. One final puzzle piece…

        Does any individual own anything “legally”, since everything can be taken away with conviction or warrant? Even if the mortgage is paid off, as you stated, the rent in the form of property tax still lives on. Don’t pay and your house is taken away…

        So is there such a thing as a homeowner?

        Sounds like its just a constant game of market and money manipulation to force people to buy/sell/buy/sell, each time helping to fund the whole investment scheme through sales, loans, interest, and forclosures.

        And more importantly, just to clarify your answer – the money being issued (created) for loans by banks to people for the purchase of homes is being backed by institutional (government) investment funds through the middle-man banks (all legal because government attorney’s make the laws which support this whole scheme by the ones who hold the gold – “golden rule”)?


  5. I have been re-educating myself to the banking industry fraud for two years and when I tell most people they look at me like I have two heads…. Cognitive Dissonance is alive and well in America….

    Thank you so much for your tireless energy in presenting the truth…..


  6. Harry says:


    Most do not know that the ad valorem real property tax is a “tribute tax.” A “tribute tax” is a tax that an inferior SUBJECT pays to his SUPERIOR sovereign. But the people are the sovereign, are they not? What has happened to turn the worldly order upside down?

    Pennsylvania Courts have recognized that taxes are not penalties, but are CONTRIBUTIONS which all inhabitants are expected to make (and may be compelled to make) for the support of the manifold activities of the government. The court went on to say that “Every inhabitant and every PARCEL of property receives governmental protection.”

    What if the owner of real property provided his own protection and gave up the government’s protection? “The cause being removed the effect ceases.” Maxim of Law Black’s 4th, p.1594 What if the owner looked to the Law for the protection of his property? Would it not be a quid pro quo?

    So every inhabitant is presumed to be enjoying government protection of their property and must therefore con-TRIBUTE their fair share of the joint community or body politic tribute tax obligation assessed against every PARCEL of land in the county. If one cannot or will not con-TRIBUTE their assessed fair share it would be evidence of their being unjustly enriched at the expense of another who does con-TRIBUTE their fair share.

    The real property taxes is always assessed against a certain PARCEL of land. “Parcel” used as a verb mean to divide an estate yet there is a Maxim of Law that goes: “The Law does not suffer fractures and divisions of estates” so what goes on here? Another Maxim of Law goes: “No man can be both TENANT and lord of the same tenement.” In our deed we are identified as “tenants of the entirety.” Hello!

    The taxing districts may RECOVER any unpaid taxes by the sheriff’s sale of any of the tenant owner’s real or personal property. A suit in assumpsit is the legal action to RECOVER a debt (taxes in this case) that is FOUNDED on an IMPLIED promise of the defendant/delinquent taxpayer to pay what one is BOUND to pay. The action in Pennsylvania is based on personal liability for taxes on real estate and the registered owner or anyone occupying a PARCEL of real property is the PERSON liable during his or her TENURE of ownership or occupation.

    Now, it just so happens that “tenures” were abolished in Pennsylvania and land is held in allodium although technically they are referred to as “fee simple,” so how can one be said to hold a “tenure of ownership” of a parcel of land in Pennsylvania and most other of the several states?

    Since the suit in assumpsit is founded on a IMPLIED PROMISE to pay what one is BOUND to pay then what is an IMPLIED assumpsit? An IMPLIED assumpsit is where one has not made any FORMAL PROMISE to do an act or to pay a sum of money to another, but who IS PRESUMED from his CONDUCT to have ASSUMED to do what is in point of law just and right – i.e. con-TRIBUE his fair share of the joint community tax liability.

    You see it is first PRESUMED that no one desires to enrich himself at the expense of another and secondly it is RULE that he who desires the antecedent [i.e. enjoyment of government protection], must abide by the consequent [i.e. pay the tribute tax].

    An example would be if I each week delivered to your door step a box of fresh produce without your having ordered such produce to be delivered, and you consumed the produce without objection or protest to its being delivered to your doorstep. You see, the courts would PRESUME that you have accepted the terms upon which I delivering the produce had in contemplation, that is that you should pay a fair price for it.

    Thirdly, it is also a rule that every one is PRESUMED to ASSENT to what is useful to him. Based on all of the above I could commence a suit in assumpsit to RECOVER the unpaid debt founded on an IMPLIED PROMISE on your part to pay what one is BOUND to pay.

    So assumpsit lies to RECOVER damages for the breach of all parol or simple contracts whether written or not written express or implied; for the payment of money.

    Because the ad valorem real property tax is a tribute tax that is founded on an IMPLIED PROMISE it is necessary for the taxing district via the tax collector to REQUEST payment of the taxes due. Therefore, on one’s TAX NOTICE/BILL you will find the word IMPORTANT in bold print under which you will read: “PROMPT PAYMENT IS REQUESTED.”

    What is a REQUEST for prompt payment?

    A REQUEST is a NOTICE of a desire on the part of the person making it, that the other party receiving the request shall do something (in this case pay the taxes due) that are in RELATION to a CONTRACT.

    In general, when a debt exists payable immediately, the law does not impose on the creditor to make a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT. See your utility bills for an example. But when by the EXPRESS TERMS of a contract, a request is necessary, it must be made. And, in SOME CASES (apparently in the case of real property taxes) where there is no express agreement a REQUEST is also requisite.

    In this county the request for taxes to be paid is entitled: TAX NOTICE FOR FISCAL 2012.

    What is a NOTICE?

    NOTICE. Information; … Knowledge of facts which would naturally lead an honest and PRUDENT person to make inquiry constitutes “notice” of everything which such INQUIRY PURSUED in good faith would disclose. Black’s 4th

    How many honest and prudent person have ever made inquiry to avail themselves of EVERYTHING which such inquiry pursued in good faith would or should disclose? By our failing to make inquiry in respect to this tax notice and request for payment have we denied ourselves EVERYTHING which such inquiry pursued in good faith would DISCLOSE? What is there to be disclosed that has not yet been disclosed?

    Well, my recent inquiry pursued in good faith has the local county commissioners and their solicitor stuttering a bit. No one in county government seems to KNOW how this real property tax works.

    In reply to my inquiry the county solicitor told me he BELIEVED the request could be defined in many acceptable ways but, as you can see “believing” and “knowing” for sure are two different things. I ask him if the tax notice was a request for payment in relation to some contract. I told him I was looking for a “yes” or “no” answer. He has not replied and I ask this question on September 28, 2011. It looks like he has left the battlefield. Am I the winner?

    If you wish to discuss this matter further contact me via email.

    Thank you for all your work on the CAFR matter.


    P.S. Did not have time to read over this and correct errors before sending.

  7. Dave Peddle says:

    Well Walter as you know, but most readers don’t. The banker usually 99% of the time package mortgages along with other securties (car loan, personal loans, stocks etc.) into a security bundle and sell on Wall Street.
    Now for the banker to foreclose he must be able to produce the original blue inked signed mortgage and promissory note. But, we the public don’t know that and the Judge doesn’t say anything even though he knows, because all (he says) he can deal with is the filed paper work.
    No original documents – NO foreclosure – PERIOD!


  8. brucefeher says:

    Yet another reason to “love” government!

  9. Brent Scott says:

    Thank you Harry, it looks like freedom from predation requires constant vigilance. We rise or fall on the technology of language.

  10. cafr1 says:

    To the readers of this article:

    I don’t believe this guy. He is making it up as he goes.

    No way does government even have 1/10th of what he says they do.

    Show me the proof not figures picked out of the air.

    Taxation all goes back to the people so it is NOT theft. Government takes care of and looks after its people. That is their Job. Everyone pays their fair share so government can do so.

    His article is Tin foil hat conspiracy theories for the simple minded who have too much time on their hands. This guy must have been off his meds for quite some time. Reading his gibberish is a waste of anyone’s time, and hopefully the public is smarter than that..

    [ Well, I needed one attacker in 12-years of essential disclosure, so I will play it safe and let it be myself ]


    My, did I do a short and good job falsely attacking myself. I wanted to give a self-created “example” of how government shills relying on public stupidity and ignorance attack a messenger with “Que-words” the public is spoon-fed who confront the gang through simple, basic, and verifiable disclosure.

    Do you know why there has not been an open public attack to the masses against myself based on what I have disclosed over the last twelve-years? (the constant attack against myself by the local government boys and girls over the last ten-years was done up close and personal and out of sight by the public. The attack utilized by the local AZ government gang was against my children, business, and backers) All know the gang is very good at playing that game?

    One publicly tried attack as a test-run was done by a Gary North and I ripped his you-know-what off in my reply comments I posted when someone posted North’s article the day after it came out on the Daily Paul The test backfired on them and that was not tried again.

    ANSWER: What I say is true and to the point of the basics held back from the general population with great effort by the gang for the last several decades and an attack would cause people to look and thus the Silence is Golden rule is broken and the attack qualifies all issues upon examination.

    The whole game is and has been to never discuss, or too stop the discussion and thus a vacuum of cognitive thinking of the basics that are right under everyone’s noses if they knew to look is maintained.

    The year 2015 will be the turning point. either the shit hits the fan for final "end game" freight train hits a 500 ft thick concrete wall at 200 MPH, or if I am successful with the implementation of the TRF growing into the standard come 2014, then maybe prosperity for one-and-all then forward and the impending train wreck caused out of one-sided greed and opportunity exerted over the last 100-years that has intentionally excluded the population will be averted.

    It is "the" fight of all fights and hopefully there will be one more of those David stories told in generations to come.

    The Earth is a very nice place if it is maintained to be so. The "Gift" of all gifts. It is time we all fought in real cognitive thinking terms of the basics to protect it and ourselves. The masterful entertainment and sound-bite misdirection needs to be stopped with true applied and intelligent thought. I am working on it.. If successful, then I can take a good vacation, and my will I enjoy it!

    Walter Burien – CAFR1
    Tel. (928) 458-5854

  11. Al says:

    Good one Walter……..I thought the first paragraph was an April Fools’ piece!

  12. A priciple residence should be tax exempt. It’s based on the principle that you can’t take a mans last horse. Only commercial, industrial, and a 2nd home should be taxed. A priciple residence is not an income producing entity that is generating any cash flow. It is a necessity like food and clothing. All property under the debt based money system is chattel based. No one has alodial title or title absolue to their property. Before you buy property they should disclose the fact that you only have a deed of trust and rents. This is a disclosure violation. The government and international finance are in partnership. They have a vested interest on your property. The government puts up your property as collateral or chattel base for the bonds they float or issue. There is a perpetual tax lien on your property. You only have the surface right, right of occupancy and right of use under certain conditions. Article IV of U.S. Constituion unreasonable searches and seizure. Article V No person shall be denied of life, liberty or property without due process. The local governments can cofiscate your property without even going to court. When you pay your property taxes as a debt surf slave you are paying tribute of subjects. It’s called extortion because if you don’t pay;they take your property away from you. One of the 10 platforms of the communist manfesto is the abolishing of private property for public use. Under the U.S. Constitution the government is suppose to be a Republic. The U.S. is under and oligarchy ruled by plutocrats that form a CABAL! The local governments are corporations. Corporations are just a vehicle to commit fraud. There are no more common law courts. The government has taken away our property rights. It’s called constructive and orchestrated fraud. People that are living under a constitutional republic are live persons with sovereign rights and not part of some ficticious entity called a corporation. Wake up America! United we stand divided we fall!

  13. When the government evicts you from your property for non payment of taxes, they just get a another stiff to buy it.

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